About us

Travel. Essentials.

That's what The Frequent Flyer is all about. We aspire to meet all your traveling and vacation needs in one single stop - all at great discounted prices. 

The Frequent Flyer is an online store that specializes in high quality travel essentials for that dream vacation you've been saving up for. Our products range from basic necessities to exquisitely designed items to suit all your travel needs.

We aspire to be a one-stop location for pre-travel shopping and look to furnish our stores with quality travel products from all around the world - all at fantastic prices to match with.

We believe that the future is e-commerce; where groceries and necessities will all be purchased in the comfort of one's home, delivered straight to doorstep.

Write to us at support@thefrequentflyershop.com and we'll be most happy to respond to any questions regarding our products and our service.

Visit us at our Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/thefrequentflyershop